How to Build a Health Plan That Works for You

(Not so) Fun Fact: Your company is in the healthcare business. It's one of the top three P&L expenses... and doubling every eight years.

If there was a way to control your benefits spend and offer a better benefit, would you want to know what it is?

Listen in as Allison De Paoli demonstrates how to implement the solutions shared during the Summit.


VIDEO #1. CARE Management

Deb Ault shares how to combat the waste, fraud and abuse (30% of every dollar spent!!) in America's healthcare system... ....how this impacts all employers and employees... and how to STOP it.


VIDEO #2.  Prescription Control 

Gary Becker illustrates  easy to implement techniques to eliminate the excessive cost of prescriptions... listen in as he shares how to reduce your pharmacy spend by 30-60% and eliminate the excessive specialty medication costs currently residing in your plan... and when you do that, the expense is removed permanently.. so the year over year savings are dramatic to say the least!


VIDEO #3. Transparent Benefits

Lester Morales demonstrates how and why.... and how simple it can be... to implement transparent benefits programs and ensure access to quality care... and he lets us in on a secret: Don't be afraid of change... your employees already hate the plan... take action and make something that works for them and for you


VIDEO #4. Disparity in Cost and Quality

Nelson Griswold lights the room up - disparity in cost, quality of care... and how to eliminate those conflicts from your plan. 

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