Fee transparency for everyone

Who gets paid what, and when: the hospital, the imaging center, the lab, and every other component of the system including your advisor

Alignment of the incentives to good care 

There shouldn’t be competing interests between hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, all the other providers of care and yes, your benefits advisors also.

Access to quality care and understanding of what quality care is

Make sure your employee gets it! Not only is it the right thing to do, it will save your plan a significant amount of money

Transform your Benefits.
increase savings.

Hi! Want a quick guide to show you how to control your benefits costs (and make it more usable for your employees)?Give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have!

About Allison

A veteran of the insurance and benefits industry, Allison began her career in the Greater Washington DC area and later moved to Florida to work in the family employee benefits firm, as the Vice President of Operations.

After moving to San Antonio TX in 2000, she began her career with Aflac as a top 1% sales producer and learned how to effectively engage employees in making their benefits plan work for them.

Allison moved on to found De Paoli Professional Services in 2015, allowing her to deliver best in class Enhanced Benefits (formerly known as Voluntary Benefits) as well as effective enrollment and implementation strategies. In 2017, she expanded De Paoli Professional Services again to offer best in class employee benefits. In 2019, the name of the firm was changed to Altiqe to better reflect the expanded scope of services.

About Altiqe

Altiqe offers top quality, custom designed benefits plans to employers – applying supply chain management strategies to control healthcare costs rather than using traditional methods.

Altiqe works with company executives to break through the benefits status quo to end the insane annual cycle of “quote the plan & get a rate increase” that works for all the other parties…but not for you, not for your cash flow and P&L.

With our help & guidance, companies like yours can take control of your healthcare budget, actually reducing your healthcare costs, capturing EBITDA trapped in your benefits budget, and increasing the ROI on your benefits by communicating the value of your benefits package to your employees.

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