Allison De Paoli | Fixing the Healthcare System One Company at a Time

Allison De Paoli explains how to contain benefit spending 
and care for employees!

How to Gain Control of Your Healthcare Spend with Allison De Paoli

We’re tackling the subject of health insurance – how to manage costs as an employer since it is such a big-ticket cost for most agencies

Business Owner Freedom with Gregory Gray

Quality Care for your Team without Breaking the Budget with Allison De Paoli


Medical Practice Trends  with Dr. Peter Polack

Guest Allison De Paoli, Healthcare and Benefits Guru, explains how she helps small and medium-sized businesses add control and predictability back into their healthcare spend

Helping Employers Add Predictability and Control to their Healthcare Spend with Allison De Paoli, Founder of De Paoli Professional Services

Episode 058 of The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie

The Small Business Radio Show with Barry Moltz

Episode #506 : Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of The Future – [Segment 2 around the 19:20 mark]

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