Insurance rates are rising rapidly for contractors, particularly for builder’s risk and excess liability policies as the cost

Builder’s Risk and Umbrella Insurance Pricing Climbing Fast

36 second readI was involved in a discussion about health plan components last week (yes, only for insurance

Why DO prescriptions cost so much?

4 minute readAs the labor market tightens and businesses struggle to attract new talent, many companies are starting

Tackling the Group Health Employee Premium Burden

21 second readSolving Health Insurance problems is just like solving every other problem you have (successfully) solved in

Pay Fast; Get the Discounts

2 minute readResearch has found that employers who offered their workers stand-alone vision benefits experienced $5.8 billion in

Vision Coverage Can Reduce Overall Health Care Costs

48 second readOn today’s episode we are going to talk about premium discounts.I talk with clients all the

50% off at Cigna

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