3 minute readThe Department of Labor has sued a Texas dental practice on behalf of a dental hygienist

Retaliating Against Employees for Raising COVID-19 Concerns Can Cost You

50 second read Data comes at you from every direction, right? There are so many numbers and statistics

If you are fully insured for your employee benefits, this article is for YOU.

2 minute readSome employers are implementing a new incentive for their workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19: Charging

Employers Mull Higher Health Plan Cost-Sharing for Unvaccinated Staff

3 minute readIn courtrooms all over the country, battles are occurring between businesses who endured COVID-19-related shutdowns and

Businesses and Insurers Are Fighting Over Coverage for COVID-Caused Shutdowns

3 minute readThe 100% COBRA health insurance subsidies for workers who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

COBRA Subsidies Ending and Employers Must Send Out Notices

50 second read I thought we would change it up this week. Please meet Christin Deacon from the

I’ll Take a Transparent Price Over a 99% Discount any Day of the Week

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