New Rules Aim for Hospital, Insurer Transparency
The Trump administration on Nov. 15 announced two rules that would require more transparency in hospital pricing and health insurance[...]
The Holidays Have Their Own Workplace Perils
All year long you have been reminding your employees to “work safely … don’t take short cuts … prevent accidents.”[...]
New Overtime Exemption Regs Take Effect Jan. 1, 2020
New federal overtime regulations have finally been introduced for non-exempt workers after years of wrangling over the issue. Under the[...]
Large PBMs Balk at Push to Reduce Drug Prices
In a move that exemplifies the potential conflict of interest that some large pharmacy benefit managers have, the nation’s largest[...]
New Booklet Helps Employers Set Up Safe Driving Programs
OSHA has published a set of guidelines to help employers reduce accidents among their driving employees. The document is not[...]
Your Last-Minute Open Enrollment Checklist
By now you should be prepared and ready to go for your 2020 employee benefits open enrollment. You should have[...]
Lockout/Tagout Training Essential in Any Shop with Equipment
A printing shop employee notices a piece of cardboard jammed inside a press. The first instinct is to remove it[...]
Many Workers Struggle with Medical Bills, Despite Having Insurance
asda A new survey has found that many American workers are struggling with medical bills even though they have employer-sponsored[...]
Trump Administration Decides Not to End PBM Rebates
The Trump administration has decided not to pursue a policy that would have put an end to rebates paid to[...]
The Difficulty of Dealing with Workers with Substance Abuse Problems
With the opioid epidemic continuing to sweep the nation, more and more workers are battling addiction than ever before. But[...]
Get an Early Start on Open Enrollment
As open enrollment is right around the corner, now is the time to make a plan to maximize employee enrollment[...]
Why a Corporate Liability Shield Is Not a Replacement for Liability Insurance
Business owners who form a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC) may question the need for the business to[...]
The Costliest Claims for Catastrophic Conditions and the Drugs Used to Treat Them
A new report by Sun Life Insurance Co. highlights the top high-cost claim conditions that plague the U.S. health care[...]
New Pay Data Due to EEOC by Sept. 30
Employers with more than 100 workers have to meet a Sept. 30, 2019 deadline to report detailed information on how[...]
Small Employers Can Reimburse for Medicare Part B, D Premiums
As the workforce ages and many employers want to keep on baby-boomer staff who have the experience and institutional knowledge[...]
Protect Your Firm from Hacking by Disgruntled Former Employees
While hacking by outsiders is posing a larger and more significant threat to companies of all sizes, the threat of[...]
IRS Eases Access to Chronic Disease Treatment
New guidance from the IRS will help people enrolled in high-deductible health plans get coverage for pharmaceuticals to treat a[...]
Is Your Workplace Prepared for Legal Marijuana?
Christina Barbuto has Crohn’s disease, a debilitating gastrointestinal disorder. Her physician prescribed medical marijuana to treat the symptoms, as allowed[...]
The Costliest Claims for Catastrophic Conditions and the Drugs Used to Treat Them
A new report by Sun Life Insurance Co. highlights the top high-cost claim conditions that plague the U.S. health care[...]
Off-the-clock Work Ban Can Save You from Legal Troubles
Wage and hour lawsuits are on the rise, usually with non-exempt employees claiming they weren’t paid either for overtime or[...]
Make Sure Your Safety Equipment Fits Women on Your Team
Perhaps you remember the embarrassing scenario for NASA in early 2019, when the space agency was forced to cancel its[...]
New Health Savings Account, HDHP limits for 2020
The IRS has announced new health savings account contribution maximums for the 2020 health insurance plan year. Employees who have[...]
Lawsuits Grow for Incidents from Providing Professional Services
People often think of professional liability insurance as something only doctors and lawyers need. The truth is that anyone in[...]
Congress, Administration Serious About Tackling Health Care Costs
As more people struggle with their medical bills, Congress has been introducing a raft of new legislation aimed at cutting[...]
Workers’ Comp Audit Mistakes: What to Look For
No company owner wants to undergo a workers’ compensation audit, but they are a fact of life if you run[...]
40 States Sue Generic Drug Makers for Collusion
The heat is growing on the pharmaceutical industry after more than 40 US states filed a lawsuit accusing generic drug[...]
Retaliation Cases Against Employers Continue Growing
The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is seeing more and more retaliation complaints by U.S. employees, with such charges accounting[...]
Help Your Employees Save Money on Drugs
Most employers are doing all they can to keep their employees’ health insurance and health care outlays to a minimum.[...]
Insurers Will Pay Record Amount of Rebates to Small Group Plans
While most businesses rarely get rebate checks from their group health insurer, this year may be different as insurance companies[...]
Protecting Your Workers in the Rain
Employees working in the rain face specific hazards, such as poor visibility and wet, slippery surfaces. When it’s wet and[...]
DOJ Tells Court to Nullify ACA; What’s Next?
After a period of relative stability, the future of the Affordable Care Act has once again been thrown into uncertainty.[...]
Protect Your Firm from Hacking by Disgruntled Former Employees
While hacking by outsiders is posing a larger and more significant threat to companies of all sizes, the threat of[...]
Regulators Take Steps to help Grandfathered Plans
Regulators are in the early stages of creating rules that make it easier for health plans that were grandfathered in[...]
Commercial Auto Rates Face New Headwinds
More accidents attributed to smartphone use while driving, coupled with much higher costs of repairs, have led to double-digit increases[...]
Don’t Overlook Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Imagine it’s a typical July day. You own a 30,000-square-foot office building that is 85% occupied. And the air conditioning[...]
As Drug Prices Skyrocket, This Top 10 List Will Shock You
It’s no secret that the cost of pharmaceuticals is going through the roof. You’ve heard the stories of price-gouging by[...]
Employers Say Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contracts too Complex, Opaque
Three in five employers think their contracts with pharmacy benefit managers are overly complex and not transparent, according to a[...]
Health system consolidation: Can employer groups, brokers survive it?
By Dan Cook Evidence suggests that consolidation among health systems leads to higher prices for services and stable or lower[...]
Employee Embezzlement on the Rise – Are You Protected?
A typical organization will lose an estimated 5% of its revenues every year due to fraud, according to a study[...]
Proposed Rule Would Allow Employers to Reimburse Staff for Health Premiums
The Trump administration is moving ahead with new regulations that would make it easier for employers to enter into health[...]
OSHA Stays Serious About Temp Worker Safety
While the Trump administration has eased off a number of regulations and enforcement actions during the past two years, Fed-OSHA[...]
Proposed Rules Include New Ways to Satisfy Employer Mandates
The IRS has proposed new regulations that could let employers avoid Affordable Care Act employer mandate-related penalties by allowing them[...]
Number of Employers Offering Coverage Grows
The number of companies offering health insurance to their employees has risen for the first time in a decade, according[...]
Huge Investigation Uncovers Possible Generic Drug Pricing Cartel
An investigative report by the Washington Post has uncovered an alleged cartel among generic drug manufacturers to fix the price[...]
Few Employees Get the Most out of Their Health Savings Accounts
While many health benefits advisers have been recommending that employees with health savings accounts use them as savings vehicles that[...]
A New Health Care Model Tackles Costs, Quality Care
As group health insurance costs continue rising every year, more employers are embracing a new plan model that aims to[...]
New Rules Lay Down Law for Group Plans in 2019
In the final rules that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released for 2019, it also covered annual cost-sharing[...]
Five Ways Employers Can Save on Health Care Costs
In recent years, many companies have been dealing with rising health care costs largely by transferring more of the expense[...]
Drug Costs Starting to Drive Group Plan Inflation
Under the Affordable Care Act, group health insurance costs have been rising at a much slower rate than they had[...]
New Rules Allow Short-term Plans to Last up to Three Years
The Trump administration has taken another step in its effort to roll out short-term health insurance plans by extending the[...]
Huge Investigation Uncovers Possible Generic Drug Pricing Cartel
An investigative report by the Washington Post has uncovered an alleged cartel among generic drug manufacturers to fix the price[...]
IRS Issues 30,000 ACA Penalty Notices
The IRS has been sending penalty notices to more than 30,000 businesses nationwide, advising them that they may be out[...]
Skyrocketing Drug Prices Threaten Health Insurance Model
The US is experiencing a prescription drug pricing epidemic, and some drug companies are driving a wedge into the health[...]
Employers Rethink HDHPs as More People Struggle with Medical Bills
As the number of employers offering high-deductible health plans continues growing, the spotlight recently has highlighted an inconvenient truth: some[...]
DOL Issues Final Rules for Association Health Plans
The Department of Labor in June issued its final rules for expanding employers’ access to association plans, a move that[...]
DOL Employers Expect 6% Hike in Health Costs for 2019
The IRS has released the inflation-adjusted amounts for 2019 used to determine whether employer-sponsored coverage is “affordable” for purposes of[...]
Business Insanity Podcast
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Pharmacy Benefit Managers: A Break On Rising Prescription Costs Or a Cause of Them?
In 2015, spending on prescription drugs grew 9%, faster than any other category of healthcare spending, according to the U.S.[...]
Infographic: How Healthcare is Robbing Companies Blind
In this infographic, we illustrate how skyrocketing healthcare and health insurance costs are stealing profits from companies and undermining wage[...]
White Paper: How Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain Creates Savings for Your Business
In this document, we provide you with a summary of steps in the healthcare supply chain where your advisor can[...]
Efficiency vs Effectiveness
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness There has been a lot of discussion lately about the changing nature of the CFO's role. There[...]
Next Generation Benefits Advising
The Difference Between a “Status Quo” Insurance Broker and a Next-Generation Benefits Adviser Delivering healthcare to your employees is a[...]
What’s the Good News Ladies
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It was such a pleasure to sponsor Adam L Hamilton, PE, the new President and CEO of Southwest Research Institute.[...]
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