Break Up With the Binder

Break Up With the Binder:

Stop Accepting Renewal Increases & Turn Healthcare into a Competitive Advantage

Not disrupting yourself is risky.  

Using yesterday’s logic for healthcare  

CFOs live in two worlds – one with abundance or one with scarcity.
Which one do you want to live in?  

Healthcare is not linear. It’s exponential because a very small part of your membership incurs a disproportionally large part of the claims.  

Healthcare is the second largest division in your company.  

Measurably, predictably lower your healthcare costs – period.

Learn exactly how your health spend is crushing your margins, profitability, recruitment, retention and ability to open new markets and expand:

  • Strategies tactics to reduce frequency and severity of claims 
  • How to limit adverse selection risk  
  • Reverse your mindset to look at healthcare as Cap X – not Op X – to create a capital allocation that will produce a measurable ROI.  
  • How Future Contracting can you help you pre-negotiate surgeries year in advance for accurate budgeting
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