Cash Management Office

Are you interested in creating long term value for your organization?

Would you be interested in creating long term value in your health plan?

Forward thinking employers are applying Cash Management Office principles to their healthcare budgets with positive results.


Here is how it fits in:

Area of focus

How a healthcare budget contributes

Labor costs (compensation and non-compensation costs)

An uncontrollable healthcare budget forces you to spend unnecessarily on non-compensation costs. This reduces or eliminates your ability to provide salary increases. Not only can this wreak havoc in your budget, but it will hinder your ability to recruit and retain the workforce you need to run your business.

Operating costs

A predictable healthcare budget will allow you to spend more in other areas of your budget.

Labor productivity

Employees with easy and affordable access to care are healthier and less stressed...and more engaged while on the job. Small boost to productivity.

Working capital

A pay as you go arrangement will allow you to more effectively control your cash flow –pay for expenses only if they are incurred and only for care consumed.

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