Doctors Used to be Business Owners… Not Any More

Dr. Roger Moczygemba trained in family practice in the Navy and, in 2018, obtained a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. He has worked in Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Occupational Medicine. Since serving as the first president of the Teladoc Physicians Association, Dr. Moczygemba has been a pioneer in telemedicine from 2004 to 2013. In 2016, he consulted with Careington to develop Dialcare, a nationwide telemedicine service, and served as the medical of Dialcare until August of 2021. In 2017, Dr. Moczygemba started Direct Med Clinic, one of the first direct primary care clinics in San Antonio. In 2018, he founded the San Antonio chapter of the Free Market Medical Association, a leading chapter in the country. He also serves as a member of Congressman Chip Roy’s Healthcare Advisory Council.

In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Dr. Roger Moczygemba. Roger is the founder of Direct Med Clinic.

Episode Summary:

During this conversation, Dr. Roger speaks about his transition from a doctor to a healthcare entrepreneur. He elaborates on the problems individuals and employers face in the healthcare world and sets up the foundation of Direct Med Clinic. Dr. Roger then explains the difference between healthcare and health insurance while giving insights into the Direct Care Agreement. He encourages the technology to take telemedicine to a higher level with his Virtual Care Clinic. He further adds the importance of price transparency in the healthcare market and ends the conversation with his best advice for the employers.

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Conversation Highlights:

[01:02] How did Dr. Roger become a healthcare entrepreneur?

  • Time is money!

[05:38] The Turning Point of Dr. Roger’s medical career…

[07:27] How difficult was it to measure the quality matrix of the project?

  • Why is it challenging to get quality information from an ordinary person?

[11:20] What is the Health Care Plan for an employer?

  • What is DATA?

[15:01] What is the difference between healthcare and health insurance?

[18:20] Treating an injury is as essential as taking care of an injured worker.

[20:56] What is a Direct Care Agreement?

  • What is beautiful about a direct pay relationship?

[24:14] How is price transparency important in the healthcare market?

[26:14] DPC is not Direct Primary Care but Direct Patient Care!

  • What is the benefit of Direct Patient Care?

[29:32] Dr. Roger’s best piece of advice

Memorable Quotes:

“Set a goal for yourself.”

“Medicine is a mixture of art and science.”

“A Doctor is responsible for his Patient’s care.”

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