Put an End to Healthcare Overspend and Control Your Costs

If you are like our clients, you want to offer your employees the best possible healthcare plan at the lowest possible cost.

And, you think you have two choices:

Stay with your current provider and accept the unreasonable and unexplainable rate increases


Move to another giant insurance company and see the same thing

We know there is a third alternative: better care at an affordable cost.

Instant EBITDA: Three Steps To Gain Control Over Your Healthcare Spend

Get access to an exclusive guide revealing 3 simple and crucial steps to gaining control over your healthcare spend.

Allison and her team at Altiqe saved us over $100,000 on one claim in addition to helping us to lower our overall claims costs. She has also given us improved long-term cost containment solutions that benefit both us and our employees.

Bill Cox

CEO, Cox Manufacturing

Allison has worked with us to implement creative features which both improve our cost position and the quality of our offering.

Glenn Kues

CFO, BioBridge Global

Altiqe has taken care of us for 11 years. Allison and her team have always helped us communicate our benefits to our employees in a way that they understand and can make use of. She also helps to make my workflow simple and as minimal as possible. She is the best!

Margaret Garcia

HR Director, Business Professional Service

I know 12 ways to scale a business.. and I NEVER thought of managing healthcare costs as a way to scale. Yet, it is fundamental!

Rachael Treviño 

/ CEO, XStream Elite

Altiqe has done a terrific job implementing and managing our case. Both Allison and her team are responsive to our needs. Her team is engaging and efficiently helps each employee choose the best benefit solution for their situation. She worked hard to make sure that the proposed solutions were a fit for us and spends the time to make sure it works perfectly for us. We look forward to a continued relationship.

Nanette Wood

Controller, Don Davis Auto Group

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