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In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Marshall Allen. He is a Healthcare Reporter, Founder, and CEO of Allen Health Academy and the author of NEVER PAY THE FIRST BILL.

Marshall Allen was a reporter at ProPublica investigating the cost and quality of our health care. He is one of the creators of ProPublica’s Surgeon Scorecard, which published the complication rates for about 17,000 surgeons who perform eight common elective procedures. Allen’s work has been honored with several journalism awards, including the Harvard Kennedy School’s 2011 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting and coming in as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting for work at the Las Vegas Sun, where he worked before coming to ProPublica in 2011. Before he was in journalism, Allen spent five years in full-time ministry, including three years in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a master’s degree in Theology.

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:01:41] Who is Marshall Allen?

  • How did Marshall become a healthcare reporter?
  • Why did Marshal choose ‘Never Pay the First Bill’ as his book’s title?
  • People do not care much about health and money.

[00:06:53] Why are employers the sleeping giants of healthcare reform?

  • Health insurance is an employee’s compensation.

[00:12:57] What are the game-changing things for employees?

  • Employees and employers need to team together to navigate pitfalls.

[00:16:49] Who is Marilyn Bartlett?

  • What is reference-based pricing?
  • How can you collect fair and accurate prices for your bill?

[00:26:35] Patients are not the actual customers.

  • What are different penalties for employers if they don’t provide the necessary information?

[00:33:06] The Highest-paid COVID test!

  • Frauds are common these days.

[00:40:00] David William’s case…

[00:42:28] Q&A session with Marshall

  • Marshall’s appeal to the employers
  • The big problem is the business side of industries.

[00:48:46] What is Direct Patient Care?

[00:50:29] Open questions with Marshall…

  • Takeaway for Advisors and Brokers

[01:00:32] Allen Health Academy

Memorable Quotes:

“Employers are the sleeping giant of healthcare reform.”

“Insurance companies are not guardians for our healthcare dollars; we have to protect our money.”

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