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In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Shannon Badger. Shannon is the Co-founder and Partner at Badger CPA. Shannon is a CPA and RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) specializing in tax and accounting strategy for her clients. She seeks to provide solutions that free up her client’s time to grow their business and know that their accounting and finance functions are in excellent hands.

Shannon specializes in Accounting (CPA), Tax, and Financial Consulting for small and mid-market businesses. Prior to starting Badger CPA, Shannon worked at Ernst & Young LLP, Enbridge Energy Partners LP and Marathon Petroleum Corporation (formerly Tesoro Corporation).

Shannon built her reputation as an experienced technical accountant in the various managerial roles she held. Tactical and strategic experience includes identification and documentation of requirements, system & workflow design, project management & communication, data migration, report definition, user training, and change management.

She also has extensive experience with financial and system audit & controls, management consulting, organizational design, acquisitions, forecasting, planning & budgeting, and policies & procedures. She has built a high-performing executive team and is known as a strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose. Shannon is a highly regarded leader who specializes in helping companies get clarity on their mission and lead them to outperform even their own expectations.

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:29] Who is Shannon Badger?

What is Badger CPA?

[01:37] How did Shannon end up with derivatives in the energy sector?

Shannon first started with learning complex accounting concepts and applying them in business.

Spending more time with kids was the motivation behind starting her own business.

[03:37] The Growth Formula: How to take your Small Business to the Next Level

Finding your own strengths should be the first step toward starting your business.

Historical knowledge always plays a significant role!

Mentors make your business journey incredible.

[06:45] Transition from working at different workplaces to working together…

[09:16] Managing a team is different from Leading a team!

As an owner, you should always make your team feel you care about them and their family.

Being an owner is a privilege, so you should be more humble towards the people.

What is an EOS(Entrepreneur Operating System)?

[13:52] What does Shannon feel about creating the second levels of management?

It feels hard in the beginning!

[16:42] Importance of Personality Assessment Tools for creating a well-rounded organization!

[18:01] Shannon’s vision for her firm in the upcoming years…

Memorable Quotes:

“Most women start businesses to spend more time with their kids.”

“Women who share their knowledge with their competitors are really GREAT!”

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