We can do all this and not increase our cost??

This 600 life employer offered an incredibly rich medical plan and no other benefits.  It became a problem with both recruiting and retaining the most talented employees.

They believed they needed to offer a richer suite of benefits and didn’t know how to do that without expanding their budget.

After a review of the demographic makeup of the group, we recommended a mix of traditional ancillary and enhanced benefits – all on a voluntary basis.  We included dental, vision,  life insurance, short term disability, critical illness and off the job accident plans.

We designed and executed the enrollment strategy and implementation process which were incredibly well received by the employees.

They were eager to engage in the learning process and excited to have coverage they needed, even though the employer didn’t contribute to the cost.  They were so eager to participate that over 80% of the employees enrolled in multiple plans.

PROBLEM:  Need to expand benefits package without expanding benefits spend

SOLUTION: Conduct a brief, highly target employee survey, choose best in class plans and carriers to deliver the highest quality, most cost effective solution.

RESULT:  Improved employee Morale, better retention, better benefits package to recruit talent

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