Why Are People Firing Your Company?

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In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Henry Martinez. Henry is the President/CEO of Mosaic Human Capital Solutions.

Henry Martinez served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resource Officer for CST Brands, until the company was purchased by Alimentation Couche-Tard in June 2017.

Henry served on the CST Executive Team and helped establish CST as a public company in May 2013, as a spin-off of Valero Energy Corporation. Prior to CST, he served as Vice President of Human Resources for Valero Energy Corporation, and he achieved 19 years of combined service.

Throughout these years of service, Henry provided direct oversight and guidance to various human resource related functions, such as company culture, talent acquisition, talent management, total rewards, HR communications, leadership, integration projects, HRIS and international oversight.

As an executive, Henry is known as a people-oriented leader with strong relationship building skills. He is responsible for the strategy, vision and growth of Mosaic HCS, and he is a coach to his staff and responsible for their development. When not at work, Henry enjoys spending time with family, cycling, cooking and watching movies with his daughters.

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:55] Who is Henry Martinez?

  • Difference between Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and CEO

[06:21] Talent acquisition is a wildcard in the HR department.

  • Recruitment should be done in a passionate way.

[13:54] The best recruiting tools are very similar to the best sales tools.

  • You can’t measure your yield if you don’t track.
  • Tracking system is an important feature to be successful in the market.

[17:02] Henry’s piece of advice…

[17:34] Outsourcing the recruitment?

  • How does recruitment affect retention?

[22:38] Who is a good HR officer?

  • “Why are people firing your company?” is an important question.

[26:33] What is the big issue in the market?

  • People in the right organization with the wrong roles create problems.
  • What is a Leader’s job?
  • Balance is the key to a successful business.

[29:58] Is leadership a skill or talent?

  • Self-awareness makes you a good leader.

[32:20] Henry’s message for senior HR leaders…

[34:36] Takeaway from today’s episode

Memorable Quotes:

“You can separate yourself from your competitors by recruiting new talent.”

“Knowing the problem and being able to fix it makes you a good HR.”

“Organizations are not static; they are evolving, living creatures.”

“You grow when you are surrounded by the right people.”

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