How to Control Frequency?

Here is a brand-new strategy for you – How to control the FREQUENCY of claims. This will bring you faster, better, shinier results. Pinkie promise.

See the thing is, when most people talk about Controlling the frequency of claims, they tell you that means you need to limit care or increase the “member responsibility.” 

When you do that…. guess what? No results, or none you’d want at any rate.

They leave out all the exciting possibilities for people like us (smarter, better, faster, but NOT modest)

Want to know how to add this tool to your warchest?

Go here.


  • • The only way to control your costs is to control the frequency and severity of claims.   
  • • You can (and should!!) dictate quality and price metrics for care delivered in your plan… this is simpler than you think. 
  • • You can choose partners who align with the goals of your healthcare budget, not force you into something you don’t want.


Best – Allison

PS – Trust me when I say this: Not doing this will not only uncontrollably increase your budget, it will continue to harm your employees… and you being the smart person you are, DO NOT want that to happen.

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