Will Quality Care Break My Budget?

15 second read Quality and Price are related… to a point. What is that point in your healthcare plan.. And how do you find out? And is encouraging people to seek quality care the right thing for the humans in your plan? And what about your budget? Answer Here: Watch the Full Video

Fund The Minimum Wage Increase With Your Health Plan

27 second read What if you could reduce your non-compensation budget – permanently? Would that give you a little leeway for an expected minimum wage increase?   The employers we work with are typically not looking to reduce benefits – they are looking at the opposite actually… making benefits work better for their teams and …

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The Chinese character for crisis contains two symbols –danger and opportunity. I think this is an accurate depiction of 2020!!   And, yes, of the danger and opportunity in your health plan also.   Conservative folks, and underwriters are absolutely conservative folks, have a hard time managing (pricing for) risk, in an uncertain market. This …

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