You’re a Company Leader and you have more responsibility than ever before

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P&L responsibilities are tough… and I want to give you a different perspective on how to increase your EBITDA and find cash flow.

Most company leaders don’t look at their healthcare budget when planning for the next year.

Budget season is coming up (coinciding with renewal season for many) and I challenge you to look to your health care budget for cash that you can send directly to your bottom line…without adding to the burden your employees already carry.

Think about these three things:

• Eliminating the waste fraud and abuse from your healthcare plan (typical savings, 10-20%… which we can keep out year over year)

• Paying for only the healthcare your employees consume

• Creating (seemingly out of mid-air!) funds you can use for whatever you wish… but many employers are using them to fund competitive benefits packages and salaries

Curious? Watch here:

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