Techy Stuff You Need

Armies march on their bellies said Napoleon Bonaparte… and Health Plans run on their Summary Plan Description (plan document). When you think about it like that, can you see how your plan document makes it simple to bend your health care plan to your goals and budget?
When most people talk about plan documents, they shrivel up into a ball and don’t go into nearly enough detail -they barely scratch the surface and then guess what? You don’t get what you need as an employer.
Good thing is…they leave out all the exciting possibilities for people like us (smarter, better, faster, but NOT modest)
We’ve packaged this up into a short bite about how to make your plan document work for you….
Like logistics, it’s not the fun part… but it is the backbone of your plan… And it isn’t anything to be afraid of.Want your your hands on the Techy stuff you need to know
  • •What information you need to design the plan to meet your goals -how much you pay for services, the level of quality that needs to be deliveredetc…
  • •How simple it is execute so you can leverage more opportunities to control your costs
  • •Why this strategy, ultimately, controls your budget… even though it has nothing to do with the cost of any one service.

Go here to get all the nuggets == > https://youtu.be/ZKXX7FLw9wE

P.S: Trust me when I say this: Not doing this makes every year an unpredictable wildcard and you being the smart person that you are, DO NOT want that to happen.

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