The Chinese character for crisis contains two symbols –danger and opportunity. I think this is an accurate depiction of 2020!! And, yes, of the danger and opportunity in your health plan also. Conservative folks, and underwriters are absolutely conservative folks, have a hard time managing (pricing for) risk, in an uncertain market. This is the danger for […]

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An insurance carrier is being sued again for “cross-plan offsetting.” I imagine that is a new term for most of you… It is a cost-containment tool that penalizes employers. And, we are not going to pick on any one insurance company… I suspect every insurance company does this. So… what is it, why is it costing

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100% coverage

Want a brand new take on your healthcare budget?How about 100% Healthcare Coverage in a way that will bring you faster, better, shinier results. Industry Experts are not talking about 100% coverage… what you are typically hearing is….. we have negotiated the best renewal we can… the benchmark increase is 8% and we have negotiated yours

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The 10%

Here is a brand-new take on The Pareto Principal… let’s call it the Lack (thanks to Craig Lack!) Principal: 10% of your employees are driving 90% of your costs. When most people talk about The Pareto Principal, they don’t think it applies to benefits. Take a look at your claims data (you have that… right?) You will

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